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We are a social-oriented enterprise which helps non-profit organizations to impact the world around us. With your help, we can do even more
We understand the frustrations of being a lone podcaster, so we are building a handpicked team to produce the very best content for our listeners. We offer editing, production and revenue sharing to our hosts so you have the time and energy to put into making amazing content. We also advertise and find sponsors for you, all in the name of great content
We were built to make the experience of the host truly impactful in every way. Black Gamut Entertainment is a social enterprise, focused on podcasters impacting their environments. The profits made from the podcasts will help fund non-profit businesses in order to make the most difference in the area the podcaster lives in
Here are some issues Black Gamut's hosts are standing to fight against:
A five year wait to get into the local battered woman and children home in the Cleveland area
Over 600 homeless veterans struggling to survive in the Cleveland area
Cleveland schools having some of the lowest overall grades in the state
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